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Our Courses

Learn state-of-the-art injecting techniques for creating exquisitely natural results. 

We specialize in growth strategies, advanced face harmonization techniques, and skill development, all backed by our proprietary methods and expert guidance. Join us and become part of a community dedicated to excellence and innovation in the field of aesthetics.


Natural Trough™️ Technique (NTT) & Advanced Full Face Harmonization Training

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Join Adrienne Easterling PA-C for an exclusive advanced training session focusing on her signature Natural Trough™️ Technique (NTT). This program is designed for experienced injectors aiming to refine their skills in under-eye rejuvenation and full-face harmonization.

Why the Natural Trough Technique?

The Natural Trough Technique was developed to address common issues and concerns seen with traditional tear trough treatments. These issues often include puffiness, unnatural appearances, and long-term dissatisfaction. NTT focuses on creating natural, youthful results that stand the test of time by understanding and working with the intricate details of facial anatomy and expressions. This technique minimizes risks like edema, nasal widening, and filler migration while ensuring the patient's overall facial harmony.

Key Benefits and Why You Should Attend:

  • Tackle Common Pain Points:

    • Uneven Results: Learn to address and correct asymmetry and balance issues.

    • Overfilling: Avoid the overfilled, unnatural look with precise techniques.

    • Bruising/Swelling: Minimize common side effects with advanced injection methods.

    • Lymphatic blockage: decrease the chance of lymphatic blockage with our technique.

    • Longevity: Techniques that ensure lasting results, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.

  • Enhance Your Expertise:

    • Deep Anatomical Knowledge: Gain a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy, crucial for successful tear trough treatments.

    • Facial Expressions: Master the art of injecting to enhance natural expressions and avoid the ‘worked on’ look.

    • Holistic Approach: Learn how to incorporate a full-face assessment for balanced, harmonious results.

  • Stand Out in Your Field:

    • Exclusive Technique: The NTT is a proprietary method developed by Adrienne, available only through this training.

    • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Adrienne’s extensive experience and personalized instruction.

    • Revolutionary Results: Provide your patients with rejuvenated, natural-looking under-eyes and an overall youthful appearance.


Level 1

Level 1 Training: Foundations of Neuromodulators and Fillers
(Hands-On Botox and Dysport. Dermal Filler Demonstrations.)


Join Adrienne Easterling PA-C and Madison Hopkins, RN in our immersive Level 1 Training program, designed to provide a holistic introduction to the world of injectables. This comprehensive training focuses on building a strong foundation with detailed anatomical guidance, assessment techniques, and hands-on neurotoxin and filler injection experience. Perfect for practitioners aiming to enter the world of aesthetics with confidence, this course offers expert instruction, a supportive learning environment, and practical insights into the latest techniques and safety protocols.

Day 1: Mastering Neuromodulators with Expression Artistry​

Expression Artistry™️ Technique: What sets our program apart is the unique Expression Artistry technique created by Adrienne Easterling. Unlike standard methods that often result in a frozen and unnatural appearance, Expression Artistry focuses on modifying facial expressions globally to achieve rejuvenated and youthful results. This technique involves a deep understanding of natural expressions, allowing practitioners to tailor neurotoxin placement to the individual’s unique facial dynamics. By mastering this technique, you will be able to deliver natural-looking outcomes that enhance your patients' overall facial harmony and health, ensuring they look revitalized rather than like they've 'had work done.'  

Day 2: Dermal Filler Techniques


Shadowing with Option to Add Hands-On Training



Gain unparalleled insights and real-world experience by shadowing Adrienne or Madison at Voxy Aesthetics. This program offers a unique opportunity to observe a variety of injection techniques and patient interactions, enhancing your practical knowledge and skills.


Shadowing Details:

Full Day of Shadowing:

  • Observation:

    • Spend a full day observing Adrienne or Madison, starting at 9 am and ending around 5 pm.

    • Witness a variety of patient appointments, including neurotoxin, filler, Sculptra, consultations, and follow-ups.

  • Real-World Experience:

    • Observe full-face treatments and diverse injection techniques.

    • Learn from real patient interactions and see how experienced injectors handle various aesthetic challenges.

  • Enhanced Learning:

    • Option to add hands-on training with one model at the end of the shadowing day.

    • Focus on a particular skill or technique you wish to improve upon, with Adrienne or Madison guiding you through every step.

    • Ideal for beginners focusing on the basics or advanced injectors refining specific techniques.

Mentorship Options:

Three-Day Immersive Shadowing:

  • A more comprehensive 3-day shadowing experience and mentorship program.

  • Includes a follow-up Zoom meeting for continued mentorship and the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Email access for ongoing support and guidance.

Why Choose Us:

  • Expert Mentorship: Learn from seasoned professionals with extensive experience in aesthetic medicine.

  • Diverse Exposure: Observe a wide range of procedures and patient interactions, enhancing your practical skills.

  • Tailored Experience: Personalized guidance and the option to add hands-on training ensure you get the most out of your shadowing experience.

  • Continuous Support: Ongoing mentorship and support to help you continue to grow and excel in your practice.


Business Mentorship for MedSpa Business Owners

Level 2


  • Elevate your medspa business with personalized mentorship from Adrienne Easterling PA-C. This virtual Zoom meeting offers business owners the opportunity to strategize and enhance their membership programs with guidance from a successful industry leader.

  • Why Choose This Mentorship:

  • Adrienne Easterling has successfully grown a membership ecosystem from 0 to 7 figures in just one year. Her expertise in the aesthetics industry, combined with her proven business strategies, can help you achieve similar success. This mentorship is designed to provide actionable insights and tailored advice to optimize your membership program, increase client retention, and boost revenue.

  • Key Benefits:

  •     •    Proven Success: Learn from Adrienne’s firsthand experience in creating a thriving membership program.
       •    Customized Strategies: Receive tailored advice specific to your business needs and goals.
       •    Revenue Growth: Implement strategies that have been proven to significantly increase revenue.
       •    Enhanced Client Retention: Develop a membership program that keeps clients coming back.
       •    Expert Guidance: Benefit from Adrienne’s extensive knowledge and experience in the aesthetics industry.

  • Mentorship Details:

  •     •    Initial Consultation:
       •    Duration: 1-hour Zoom meeting
       •    Cost: $750 for the initial session
       •    Focus:
       •    Understanding your current membership program and business goals.
       •    Identifying areas for improvement and potential growth.
       •    Developing a strategic plan to optimize your membership offerings.
       •    Additional Hours:
       •    Cost: $500 per additional hour
       •    Flexible Scheduling: Book as many additional hours as needed to continue refining and implementing your strategies.
       •    Ongoing Support: Continued mentorship to ensure your membership program evolves and grows successfully.

  • What You’ll Learn:

  •     •    Building a Membership Program:
       •    How to create compelling membership packages that attract and retain clients.
       •    Effective pricing strategies to maximize profitability.
       •    Marketing tactics to promote your membership program and drive sign-ups.
       •    Client Retention Techniques:
       •    Methods to enhance client satisfaction and loyalty.
       •    Strategies to engage members and encourage ongoing participation.
       •    Operational Excellence:
       •    Best practices for managing and scaling your membership program.
       •    Tools and technologies to streamline membership management.
       •    Revenue Optimization:
       •    Identifying and leveraging upsell opportunities within your membership base.
       •    Analyzing and optimizing your membership program’s financial performance.

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