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Passionate About Aesthetics Education

Welcome to the Art of Injecting Academy, the premier destination for aesthetics training. Whether you're a business owner, an experienced injector, or a novice looking to refine your skills, our comprehensive programs are designed to help you excel.

Let's visualize facial artistry in a new light. Instead of the standard methods that target and treat specific wrinkles, we look at the global picture and aim for expression modification — bringing healthier, more youthful, softer expressions.

Adrienne Easterling PA-C Top 100 Aesthetic Injectors in America Voxy Aesthetics (1) (1).we

Hundreds of injectors have already trained at the Art of Injecting Academy to balance art and artistry assessment for a beautiful outcome vs. the standard cookie-cutter approach that other trainings bring to the table.

About Adrienne Easterling, PA-C


Adrienne Easterling, PA-C, is the CEO/Founder of Voxy Aesthetics & Wellness and the visionary behind the Art of Injecting Training Academy. She has established herself as a leading figure in the aesthetic industry, recognized both as a highly sought-after practitioner and a national trainer for Allergan and Galderma. Additionally, she serves as a faculty member for MedSpa Mastery, SDPA, FSDPA, and Titan Aesthetics Recruiting. Her unique techniques are in demand both in the U.S. and internationally, training top-tier injectors nationwide.

Adrienne is celebrated for her commitment to natural beauty and advocating for the positive perception of cosmetic dermatology, helping patients age gracefully and confidently. As an accomplished cellist and passionate academic, her approach seamlessly integrates art and science, characterized by balance, beauty, and precision. Her philosophy centers on the excellence of her work, allowing it to stand as a testament to her expertise and dedication.

About Madison Hopkins, RN BSN

Madison is a talented nurse injector that specializes in the art of facial harmonization and employs a diverse range of cutting-edge treatment modalities to achieve exceptional results.

With a profound understanding of individualized care, Madison is dedicated to enhancing her patients' appearances and addressing the signs of aging through meticulously tailored treatment plans. Her unwavering commitment to providing an uplifting experience during every visit is fueled by her passion for instilling confidence in her clients, both internally and externally.

Madison's journey in the field of aesthetics began after completing her Bachelor's in Science of Nursing at the University of Arkansas in 2019. Since 2020, Madison has been skillfully administering injectables, backed by her extensive expertise acquired through advanced trainings in neurotoxins, dermal fillers, and a range of biostimulators. 


Our Patients

When someone feels more comfortable & confident in their own skin, it radiates into their personal relationships, professional endeavors, and overall well-being. Take a look at our beautiful patients.

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